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Evaluate Your Team

Solutions to assess your team's performance and understand what factors can contribute to increased productivity.

People & Productivity
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Why should you care

Good relationships are the key to a successful business!

Even the most highly qualified teams in the world are affected by difficult relationships.

And the way people work with others around them directly affects an organization's productivity and profitability, so it is critical that everyone has time to build good relationships.

Receiving non-positive feedback can be difficult to hear, and translating it into positive actions - improving the relationship with the team, improving communication and collaboration and taking action to become as effective as possible in the workplace.


(%) of people say they have relationships that make the work environment, relationships and productivity more difficult.

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How this solution can help you evaluate your team

Anyone who works alongside other people knows that you are not always seen by your colleagues the way you think or would like to be seen, do you?

Even in the most effective relationships, there are often things that are not said for fear of offending others. However, without these positive relationships at the heart of your business or leadership team, it will be difficult to really make your mark in any industry.

If you, your team or your organization want to benefit from more productive working relationships, our exclusive relationship feedback tool is what you are looking for.

How it works

Discovery Full Circle is a tool that offers 360-degree feedback in a positive way and motivates people to take steps to improve relationships.

The DFC Report is a gold mine of information, bringing to life how team members really see themselves, what this means for team effectiveness, and what action plans should be created to improve relationships and productivity.


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