Atuamos no limiar entra pensar e fazer, acreditando na capacidade de mudança e execução impecável.

Gostamos de racionalizar sobre duas questões centrais:

Como apoiar nossos clientes na construção de um modelo de negócio capaz de criar, continuadamente, transformações sustentáveis?

Como apoiar nossos cliente na eliminação ou redução dos gaps entre a estratégia e a execução?

Independente dos modismos do management e do nome da prática, entendemos que o + importante é uma abordagem de ação.

Nossa abordagem está segmentada nas seguintes linhas de serviços:


Far beyond the conventional
In our customer centric approach, we share responsibility for results.
We provide important experience acting as catalysts for the change process, keeping the client as responsible for conducting the change.
By observing and exchanging experiences with the people involved, we guide the client towards the elimination of knowledge and management gaps, enabling organizations to generate meaningful insights and seize the opportunities to improve their performance and pave the road to the desirable results.
We have the state of the art technology and tools to support projects in the 3 fundamental pillars of an organization:
• Business strategy,
• People and productivity,
• Technology for processes and competitiveness.
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Executive Education

High level experience exchange
By delivering corporate education projects we become able to support organizations in the development of intangible assets.
We encourage the alignment of organizational and individual competencies.
Global partners integrate and support our ability to deliver world class services to:
• Corporate and open enrollment events, seminars and workshops;
• Indoor and outdoor experiences;
• Customized programs for leaders and managers
We currently have 40 education programs, divided into the following areas: Strategy; People; Controlling and finance; Information and Technology; Quality and Productivity; and Relationship, Marketing and Sales.
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The Essentials for Leaders and Managers
Our technology provides intelligence applied in systems, in order to support strategic uncertainties and critical performance variables, allowing the interactive control of organizational strategies and control and diagnosis of business process performance.
We guarantee stakeholders real time information on the progress of internal strategies, projects and processes through 3 tools:
• GE 360º | Strategic management
• GO Rocket | Matrix Budget Management
• Supravizio | Business Process Management
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