An innovative company specializing in solving problems and achieving stronger business outcomes.

At ECR, technology and knowledge walk hand in hand and empower our customers, through consulting projects and corporate education in business management, whatever the size of the organization.

Tailor made solutions based on customer and market expectations, being mindful of innovative organizational strategies to overcome management gaps, are the cornerstone of our competitive edge.

Our team of qualifies professionals, aim to deliver "our best" for each client, centering on our core values, principles and skills to provide an unmatched expertise.

Integrity combined with the capacity to share, mobilize and apply information and knowledge fuels the decision making process and drives each of our clients in a unique way.

In 2018 we celebrated 8 years in the market, over 200 satisfied customers, a lot of learning and great stories to tell about business, management and performance improvement.

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Frequently asked questions and concerns from our customers and visitors regarding business consulting and training.

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