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Check out the frequently asked questions of our customers and visitors about our services and projects of consultancy, executive education and technology for business management.

What does Strategic Planning consist of?

Strategic planning consists of critically analyzing future scenarios and tracing the organization's strategies, plans and directions in order to concentrate efforts on making the organization's vision real, with a view to defining and achieving organizational objectives (short and long term goals). long term).

They comprise decision-making processes for the articulation and systematization of ideas, resources and people (strengths and weaknesses), in a comprehensive and sensitive way to environmental contingencies (internal and external environments), translating long-term commitments with the interested parties - customers, workforce labor, shareholders and owners, suppliers and society.

What is the role of business consulting?

The main role of a consultancy is to guide companies and make them more competitive.

To facilitate prior understanding, we will make a purely didactic analogy between the business consultant and a doctor. The consultant is a corporate doctor. Here, then, a first point should be made.

Under what circumstances did we go to a doctor?

The worst possible, sometimes the cases are unrecoverable and fatal. Cases of ignorance of infections, transmission of diseases and, mainly, self-medication are very worrying factors. The same happens in companies.

Self-medication in companies is rampant, leading them in unknown ways and causing allergic crises, benign and malignant tumors, tachycardia and can even lead them to a deep coma.

I am interested in carrying out a consulting project. How should I proceed?

Companies interested in carrying out a business consultancy project can contact ECR Consultoria using the contact form on the Contact Us page, and request a visit from one of our consultants, so that we can evaluate your case.

What is the first step of a business consultancy?

The first step of a consultancy, after settling the contractual issues with the client organization, is to carry out a business, macro (of the management model) or micro (of a process or management area) diagnosis. This should be the first incision with the consultant's scalpel in the company's skin.

Its objective is, in the first place, to address the most apparent problems of the organization and to provide possible solutions to them.

Secondly, it will be a discussion piece with the company for the preparation of the scope of the work, foreseeing the priorities to be attacked now.

When should I hire a consultancy for my company?

Anyone who wants to have a healthy life, regularly visits a doctor and anticipates possible future problems. In medical language this is called prophylaxis.

In other words, it is precisely when things look good that it is the ideal time. However, both people and companies seek their respective doctors in the most difficult times.


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