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How We Operate

ECR Consultoria believes that each project is unique, with its own expectations, needs and characteristics. And only deep involvement in each context allows the energy of creative transformation to meet innovation and allows project leaders to act boldly to find extraordinary and lasting results.

Each project begins with an expeditious diagnosis to recognize the organization's management model and the profile of each leader. With the report of this analysis, we started the creation of the project and the change management plan, allowing each client to direct the efforts defined in the implementation schedule, in the list of activities and deadlines. The team acts on site or remotely, during the execution of the project, sharing responsibility with the client.

At each stage, regardless of the size and scope of the solution, the premises of human development, construction and execution of innovative strategies, value creation and quality and productivity gains are monitored, analyzing performance until final delivery.

Metodologia ECR

We have noticed, over time, that many players in our market act in the diagnosis of processes and management problems of companies, without supporting the resolution of the problem.

Our proposal is to go further and support the execution, carrying out all the implementation, development of the plan and full support during and after the implementation, to ensure that the contracted objectives were in fact achieved. Thus, we demonstrate our commitment to results. To make this statement tangible, we propose to work with performance contracts, in a consultancy project.

Performance contracts are designed to ensure the alignment of efforts in the pursuit of superior gains. For ECR, being open to acting on this performance contract model encourages our team and allows the continuous search for superior results.

For you client, it provides greater peace of mind and security, as it conditions the full payment of the contracted amounts to actual project gains. A smart way to share results, with transparency and mutual commitment.


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