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ECR works by providing the necessary support for leaders who aspire to create and recreate structures that influence their business segment and need to solve today's challenges that will allow them to redefine the performance of their businesses tomorrow.

The consolidated practice reinforces the positioning of acting on the threshold between thinking and doing, between methodological mastery and excellence in execution, walking side by side with the client.

The construction of a business model capable of creating and recreating sustainable transformations and the adoption of safe practices to eliminate or reduce gaps between strategy and execution are central pillars of performance in all projects.

For this reason, the structure of ECR Consultoria is formed by 3 axes:


Far beyond the conventional

ECR Consultoria believes in the ability of leaders who aspire to create and recreate structures that influence their business segment.

With a customer-centric approach, ECR consultants share responsibility for the results and act as catalysts for the change process, keeping managers as responsible for driving and executing the transformation.

Observing and exchanging experience with the people involved in the processes, the team of ECR consultants identifies gaps in knowledge and management practices that need to be eliminated or reduced, allowing organizations to take advantage of opportunities to improve their performance and follow the path of lasting results .

ECR Consultoria has technologies and tools to support projects in the 3 fundamental pillars of an organization:

Serviços de Consultoria
Serviços de Educação Executiva


Knowledge to enhance your journey

ECR Consultoria supports organizations that understand that building innovative solutions to old and current problems is essential for the success of business in these new times.

With accumulated experience in hundreds of companies across the country, we work in the planning, creation and execution of executive education, facilitating the development of individual and organizational skills.

The adoption of modern technologies, tools and practices allows us to support you to navigate between the traditional face-to-face program, hybrid programs and even online programs (EAD or live), in the expository format, of video lessons, knowledge pills, ebooks and infographics, in addition to content development and facilitation tailored to your organization.



Results in one click

The word technology comes from the Greek, "téchne" which can be defined as art or craft and "logia" which means the study of something. ECR Consultoria understands management in technology as the set of knowledge necessary to conceive, produce and distribute goods and services in a competitive way.

The digital age has arrived and demands from everyone a creative capacity for a new position: more innovation, agility and less resistance to changes.

Using the technical, scientific and empirical knowledge of its consultants, ECR creates and develops, with customers, advanced management processes and systems to support strategic uncertainties and analyze critical performance variables.

The collaboration and innovation proposed by the solutions accelerate the resolution of challenges that allow redefining business performance, allow the interactive control of strategies and monitor the performance of processes and the productivity of people.

ECR Consultoria has technologies to provide real-time intelligence to support projects on the 3 fundamental pillars of your organization:

Serviços de Consultoria


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