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Code of Ethics

The ethical standard of behavior that is expected of all employees, partners and service providers is one that obeys the rules of good customs, good faith and fidelity to the company's values and principles.

In this sense, we declare and reinforce the values and principles that must be considered in the practice of day to day work.

We insist on declaring our Code of Conduct internally and externally, in order to define the general guidelines that guide the ethical conduct of ECR CONSULTORIA employees and partners, guiding our performance in Consulting, Executive Education and Technology projects.

We count on you to make our company a benchmark for quality and commitment, ensuring compliance with this Code at all levels, locations and environments of our company.


The ethical standard of behavior that is expected of all employees, partners and service providers is one that obeys the rules of good customs, good faith and fidelity to the company's values ​​and principles.

In this sense, the values ​​and principles declared by ECR CONSULTORIA must be considered in the practice of day-to-day work, internalized in the actions carried out by the workforce and partners, being shared with service providers, the community and the company's customers.


- The relationship with customers, suppliers, competitors, service providers, government agencies, the community, associations, etc., must always be based on legislation, local standards of good customs, clarity, secrecy, respect and promptness.

- Under no circumstances will the employee or partner, even if indirectly, use the name of the company to conduct business for their own benefit or that of third parties.

- ECR Consultoria does not authorize employees and partners from areas other than the Executive Board to enter into contracts for the publication of advertisements or placement in newspapers, magazines, guides, among others.

- It is forbidden to accept personal advantages, gifts or favors, resulting from negotiation processes. In case gifts are sent or something like that, they should be sent to the ECR Board of Directors to carry out sweepstakes at company events.

- No favors or gifts will be offered, directly or indirectly, to the holder, representative or collaborator, relatives or friends of public or private organizations with which the company maintains or intends to maintain relations of any kind, commercial or not, except in the cases of previous item.

- Resources, whether material or not, including from third parties, should not be used to directly or indirectly favor political parties, public office holders or candidates, political committees, public officials and the like.

- The nominations made by professionals occupying public positions and / or who exercise socio-economic influence, must be evaluated within the criteria of Recruitment and Selection already established by the company.

- Communication with and to the press must be conducted by the company's Board of Directors or by a person designated by the same.

- Any research related to data from ECR Consultoria must be sent to the Board of Directors, who will assess the importance and the real need with the response requester.

- Only, with the authorization of the Board, can names and data of the Board be informed in research confirmations or information about it.


- Associates and employees must comply with the working hours agreed with customers.

- The pin, if available, is personal, non-transferable and mandatory to use. It should be placed in plain view, at chest height, on the left side, demonstrating its "value" for the professional who is using it.

- Fulfill the commitments expressly assumed with zeal, attention and professional competence.

- The company ECR Consultoria does not discriminate against the admission of employees with regard to color, race, sex, religious creed and people with special needs and does not allow its workforce to treat people in the community, customers and suppliers differently. .

- Discipline to the rules, values ​​and guidelines defined by ECR Consultoria, as well as ensuring the faithful compliance with this Conduct Policy, are fundamental attitudes for the workforce and consultancy partners.

- The participation of the workforce and partners in suggesting measures for greater service effectiveness is essential for the continuous improvement of the products and services offered by the company.

- The zeal for order and cleanliness in the workplace, giving maximum care and attention to the service, avoiding accidents and wasting time and material, demonstrate the commitment of the workforce and partners to the ECR Consultoria brand.

- The work of the workforce and partners excels in providing full collaboration to the Company and colleagues, cultivating a team spirit and mutual loyalty in performing the service. This action is directed towards the achievement of organizational objectives and goals with a focus on achieving the vision of the future of ECR ​​Consultoria.- Respect the honor and physical integrity of all the people with whom it maintains contact for reasons of work, abstaining from discuss issues that are not related to it during working hours.

- Bring any irregularities that they become aware of, related to their work or to the Company, to the Management and the Board of Directors.

- Do not engage in any activity that may harm the interests of the service, as well as the use of machines, computers, e-mails, telephones, etc., available in the environment


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