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Improve Teamwork

Tailored solutions to integrate and enhance the results of your team, so that everyone can achieve success together.

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Why should you care

Global organizations are reshaping themselves to serve a dynamic and demanding market - and that means reinventing themselves to operate in team networks, as an alternative to accompany the challenges of a fluid and unpredictable world.

Highly cohesive teams are seriously committed, work harder, are more satisfied with their work and experience less conflict between teams. These are just a few reasons why large teams are critical to successful organizations.

That is why developing high-performance teams is not an optional issue for organizations that aspire to success.


(%) of people say they are part of a dysfunctional team

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How this teamwork solution can support you

Starting with self-awareness, we help people understand why they choose to work the way they do, and why other people can make different choices, and what the impacts of these differences are on the overall effectiveness of the team.

By applying this understanding, we help people build better relationships with their colleagues, making relationships better.

The same is true of other key variables for a team's success, including productivity, communication, clarity of function and purpose, and overall team effectiveness.

"Given the relationship between ... teamwork and the crucial results of a business - such as productivity, profitability and the customer's perception of service quality - work teams have the keys to organizational health." - Gallup

How it works

Our solution to improve teamwork is tailored to help you tackle the team's most pressing challenges on two fronts: preferences (how teams like to work together) and capabilities (how effectively they work together).

The Team Effectiveness tool examines the team's preferences. How a team works together - and how it aligns with the way each individual likes to work - having a high impact on the effectiveness of a collective.

Among other things, we analyze how teams communicate, how they prioritize, what motivates them and what are the blockers for their best performance.

Based on the result of the tool, we developed an action plan with the team and supported the implementation. Then, we will monitor the team's progress with regular follow-ups, helping them stay on track and motivated to implement changes.


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